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  • Extremely long life-span
  • Huge energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • NO UV, mercury, IR, sodium, reducing harmful emissions and fully recyclable
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What we do with global warming, environmental pollution and increasing electricity bills?

Fully recyclable LED LIGHT with less CO2 emission and low energy consumption, which brings us better life and relieves all above troubles. The future of household and commercial lighting will soon be the wide spread adoption and use of white energy efficient LED light bulbs.

LED is abbreviation of “light emitting diode”. LEDs produce light when electrons are charged on the surface of a semiconductor or diode. It’s a form of solid-state lighting that is extremely energy efficient, long-lasting, low heat, and safe sealed unit with wide range of colors.

LED lights Incandescent bulbs and CFL lights
Extremely long life-span;
Average life of our LED light is 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
Short life-span;
Average life of incandescent bulb is 3,000 hours;
CFL light 12,000 hours.
Huge energy savings;
Reduced power consumption by up to 80%;
Better lighting with fewer watts
Pay high for your expensive electricity bills;
Waste of >70% energy
Quick & Easy Installation;
Zero maintenance and replacement cost
High labor cost;
High maintenance and replacement costs
NO UV, mercury, IR, sodium, reducing harmful emissions and fully recyclable.
Good for you & Eco-friendly.
Many toxic substances released, unrecyclable;
Bad for you and environment
High Reliability, Safety & Durability;
Aluminum and PC materials;Strong design;
Robust components;
Glass materials;Easy to break;
Highly fragile
Uses a power supply to drive current Uses a ballast to drive current
120 degree beam angle downward focused lights. 360 degree beam angle unevenly spreads light in all directions, including upward
True color with vivid visibility Distorted color output in common types of CFLs
Instant on/off Warm up slowly and ballast flicker
Dimmable choice On/off only
Invisible to most bugs Attracts bugs
Refractive lenses Reflective lenses