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Osram Opto announces 13.5-mm COB LED for halogen spotlight retrofits

13 Aug 2013

While the Soleriq S 13 features a relatively small light-emitting surface, the chip-on-board LED can deliver 1500 lm for high-performance SSL applications in restaurant, retail, and luxury residential settings.

Cree announces LED module to replace 70W CMH and save 50% in energy

09 Aug 2013

Modular solid-state lighting (SSL) engines allow luminaire manufacturers to quickly add LED technology to existing product families and the Cree LMH2 is designed for use in fixtures that have used high-output HID lamps such as 70W ceramic me

Bridgelux refreshes Vero COB LED family, ups efficacy and tightens bins

23 Jul 2013

The maturing Bridgelux Vero COB LED family now features nominal efficacy up to 122 lm/W and Bridgelux offers the components in 2-and 3-step bins for SSL applications with tight color requirements.

Cree expands COB LED family, adds residential SSL module

02 Jul 2013

Cree has added new products in the CXA family of COB LEDs including a small array for small-form-factor SSL products, and also announced the option of specifying 95 CRI across the product family.

Valoya claims additional benefits for LEDs in horticulture, bees like SSL

18 Jun 2013

In artificially lit green houses with crops such as tomatoes, LED lighting can increase crop production and decrease power consumption, and PlantResearch in the Netherlands says the lights also increase the activity of the necessary pollinat

LED manufacturing research: RPI integrates features, studies address cost and efficiency

13 Jun 2013

New RPI research proves the concept of integrating LED emitters on the same chip with other electronic components such as transistors, while other new research focuses on maximizing the light extraction efficiency of LEDs and lowering cost t

Everlight announces 1W white LED, adds to IR and HIR LED families

10 Jun 2013

The XI3535 LED in a low-cost plastic package targets general-illumination SSL applications, while Everlight also announces new IR products for remote controls and touch screens.

Cree adds to its mid-power ceramic-based LED offering

31 May 2013

The XLamp XH LED family is cost optimized for applications such as linear SSL and offers longer life at elevated temperatures relative to plastic packages.

Cree announces new color LEDs in XP 3.45×3.45-mm package

24 May 2013

The second-generation XP-E2 LEDs include royal blue, blue, green, amber, red-orange, and red options and are drop-in, higher-output replacements for earlier models.

DOE research projects potential LED energy savings

06 May 2013

LED-based lighting is saving 71 trillion BTUs across ten identified applications, but those savings could increase more than 50 fold with a complete transition to SSL.

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