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  • Extremely long life-span
  • Huge energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • NO UV, mercury, IR, sodium, reducing harmful emissions and fully recyclable
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Our Principles


Cheap is great, but not if your purchase doesn't perform very well or doesn't last long. We always seek to manufacture only LED product that gives good quality, reasonable price, looks good and will last years and years. We test all our product lines before offering them to customers and insure our raw materials from well-known brands where quality is assured and known branded products where we have found the quality to be very acceptable and reliable.


Keeping regular customers depend heavily on good impressions when doing business. We like to be seen as the good guys and will endeavor to do that extra favor wherever extra customer service is needed. Our challenge is that many other LED light companies are less scrupulous and not professional enough, misleading 'facts' and giving a very attractive price. The reality is that there are few standards when it comes to buying a LED replacement light bulb and just because one traditional 60 Watt light bulb was just like another, doesn't mean one 4 Watt LED light is equivalent to another neither in brightness nor size. This is why we like customers to try samples before bulk quantity order.


There are no hidden charges in our company. On individual transactions we often get zero profit, but we also understand that our customers will order many replacement light bulbs over the coming years and word of mouth referrals are invaluable. It's only through offering great prices, no hidden extras and great customer service that we can build your trust in the hope you will keep coming back.


Although we work hard to find the best product raw materials in the market and seek to price ourselves competitively, we can often only differentiate ourselves through our customer service and this is where we seek to exceed. If there is anything you feel we could do to help your LED buying experience better, please tell us.

Never Give Up

We look into the future and work hard in brainy groups like brave bees. Never doubt, never complaint, and never stop…